The 2017‭ ‬Purim Festival‭ "‬Purimagine‭"‬‮ ‬took a place on‮ ‬3/9-11/17
This huge‮ ‬urban festival‭, ‬include a‮ ‬different‮ ‬Concept of parties‮ ‬in various bars around‮ ‬Tel Aviv‭.‬
2‭ ‬large party buses‭, ‬well equipped‭, ‬to keep the party going on while jumping‮ ‬from one bar to another‭.‬
You buy a bracelet which gives you‮ ‬Free drinks‭ + ‬entrances for all parties‮ ‬‭+ ‬the bus ride‭.‬
The festival took a place at the following bars‭:‬‮ ‬Dizzy Frishdon‭, ‬Mezeg‭,‬‮ ‬Backy‭, ‬Ha'hoog Hatzfoni‭,‬Tangier ‭,‬Biggy Z‭,
‬‮ ‬the‮ ‬Java coffee-bar‭, ‬and‮ ‬‭ ‬the main event‮ ‬at the Haoman 17‭ ‬club‮ ‬the Traditional Purim Party‭.‬
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